Lode Line Music Services

In these times when many organizations, businesses and entertainment venues are struggling to stay in business the decision to hire a band is more critical than ever. Great musical performances are only one factor in the equation for success. The bands you hire should also be able to bring some marketing power to the table.

The web site www.lodelinemusicservices.com has had over 20,000 hits in the past 3 years and is still going strong. We have an email fan base of several hundred people and as a member of www.Songsalive.org owner/manager, Michael Gregory, has an email base of over 12,000 people worldwide!

You can be sure that any gigs that are open to the public will be promoted through all our resources. You can also be sure that any Lode Line bands you hire will show up, on-time, every time, ready to entertain your guests or customers. They will be dressed appropriately for your event whether it is a casual outdoor party or a formal wedding.

We have 3 bands and my solo act. Mad Dash is a rock'n'roll band with 2 female vocalists, sax, guitar, bass and drums. CoolHeat which is a 6 piece jazz/R&B/blues band with male and female vocalists, sax, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, and Inner Outlook which is a 3 piece acoustic style band with male and female vocals, guitars and percussion. We can also provide anything from a solo, duo or any other sized band to match your needs.

Please take a few minutes to review the entire website. I am sure you'll be impressed with what you see and hear. We look forward to working with you on your next event.

Thanks you very much.

Michael A. Gregory


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